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Mah Jongg Gifts Mah Jongg Games and Mah Jongg Accessories from Where the Winds Blow

If you see a Mah Jongg gift item that you cannot live without, click on the "Add to Cart" button and the Mah Jong item can be yours! Click on the photos for a larger view of each item.

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Mah Jongg Cross Shoulder Money Purse Mah Jongg Cross Shoulder Money Purse: Perfect to hold your National Mah Jongg League Cards and any other accessories you might need during the day. Durable black canvas, two lined sections to keep your winnings apart from your keys and lipstick. 8 x 6.5" size is perfect for taking on cruises, using for your weekly coins, or even for a simple way to keep your purse organized. Adjustable / removable strap allows for cross shoulder, standard handle or clutch style. Embroidery of name or initials is optional and available for $8.00.  See below for personalization.
$12.50 each ($2.00 S&H and only $1.00 S&H for additional purses.)

Personalize your Shoulder Money Purse with your name or initials for only an additional $8.00.

Canvas Mahj Travel ToteBlack Canvas Mahj Travel Tote WITH FREE EMBROIDERY INCLUDED! Smart looking bag with Three zipper bags : 2 for your tiles and 1 for your card & money. Just scoop up your tiles and hit the road. Over the shoulder bag will hold four racks, your tiles, pushers and there is still room to spare. Back pocket (with velcro) will hold your cell phone or other personal items. This tote is so neat and organized that it would make a great diaper bag or beach bag, too! Keep this item in mind the next time you need a baby or graduation gift. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Embroidery choices are Yellow, White, Red, Powder Blue, Hot Pink, Silver Metallic, or Gold Metallic. Oriental.
$49.95 each ($6.50 S&H for the first one and only $2.50 S&H for each additional item)

Click here to see your name in the fonts


I love Mah Jongg Zipper BagI Love Mah Jongg Zipper Bags: Approx. 8" x 6" will hold the large print card from the National Mah Jongg League. Two zipper compartments for other carry-along items and money. Available in Silver, Black, Bronze, Pink, Teal, and now Pearlized Blue! Embroidery is optional - Email Us for information!
$12.00 each ($2.00 S&H)

Personalize your Mah Jongg Zipper BagPersonalize your Zipper Bag: Just $8 extra! Complete the form below with your specifications. If you chose "other" for any option, please contact us with your preference.

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Beaded Coin PurseBeaded Coin Purse: 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" beaded design on both sides. Zipper enclosure. Choice of colors in black, brown, green or red! (brown & green not pictured.)
$10.00 each ($2.00 S&H)


SPECIAL FOR GIFT GIVING: 3 black and 3 red coin purses for only $45.00! ($5.50 S&H)

Beaded PurseMah Jongg Beaded Purse: Your choice of rust or gold beaded bags. Each purse handcrafted of glass beads. Approx. 7 3/4" x 6" is perfect for Mah Jongg card and all of your winnings! Black satin backside has a second pocket compartment with zipper.
$14.00 each ($2.00 S&H)

Personalized Beaded PursePersonalize your Beaded Purse: Just $8 extra! Complete the form below with your specifications. If you chose "other" for any option, please Email us with your preference.

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Tina Bobker Mah Jongg Purse Tina Bobker Hand-Made Mah Jongg Purses These one-of-a-kind purses are hand-made in the USA from vintage fabric and have unique sayings on them such as, "Crack, Bam, Fun!", "That’s my Mah Jongg!", etc. Colors and sayings vary.
$32.00 ($5.25 S&H)

Mah Jongg Rhinestone Motifs Mah Jongg Rhinestone MotifsBling Your Bags! These trendy Mah Jongg iron-on motifs are available in two designs: Three Tiles and I LOVE MAH JONGG in each package. You can purchase these motifs here, or if you'd like Where The Winds Blow to bling your bag, contact us for more details.

Mah Jongg Diva Tote BagMah Jongg Diva Tote Bag: BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE (While supplies last) For each one you order, an additional one will be included in your shipment. Great for travel, knitting, Mah Jongg weekends, books and anything else you can think of! Dimensions: 13 3/4 x 15"
$12.00 each ($2.00 S&H)

Mah Jongg Diva Tote Bag PersonalizationPersonalize your Diva Tote for just $10! Complete the form below with your specifications. If you chose "other" for any option, Please contact us with your preference.

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Two Piece Clear Cosmetic BagsTwo Piece Clear Cosmetic Bags: With a delicate design of vines and vintage butterscotch tiles. These will keep your purse organized or accompany you on many trips and mah jongg cruises. Will hold your card & money, cosmetics, hair brush and tissue, etc. Add a few bars of soap and create a great hostess gift.
Two Piece Set $10.00 (S&H $2.00)

SPECIAL! Two sets of Cosmetic Bags $15.99 (S&H $3.45)

Mah Jongg Needlepoint KitsMah Jongg Needlepoint Kits: Preassembled Needlepoint Kits for your enjoyment in your choices below. No Finishing required * Nylon zipper/fabric back * Cotton embroidery thread * Needle and instructions.

Cosmetic Case/Mah Jongg Card Holder
7" x 4 3/4"
$16.00 each with FREE shipping.

Eyeglass/Cell Phone Case 3 1/2" x 7"
$14.00 with FREE Shipping.

Coin Purse/Credit Card Case 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" $10.00 with FREE shipping.


Art Of The Game Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game
BRAND NEW by Ann Israel and Gregg Swain! Offers an intimate look at the history of the game and the visual beauty of the tiles. Chronicling the early beginnings of the game and documenting Mah Jongg sets from the most basic, made simply of paper, to the most outrageous and opulent sets that have ever existed. With hundreds of beautiful new images by renowned photographer Michel Arnaud, and including historical documentation, this book will inspire you.
Just Published
Order yours today while supplies last

$24.95 plus $4.00 S&H

Mah Jongg Teaching DVD Mah Jongg Teaching DVD: This is the First Ever DVD teaching you how to play American Mahjongg. You will develop the confidence to join a Mahjongg group without feeling intimidated. Nothing can take the place of learning by experiencing and watching live games, but this is the second best thing if you don't have instructors or classes in your area! Buy Before December 25th and we will INCLUDE A FREE version of MAH JONGG MADE EASY to answer any additional questions. While the CD is very good for NEW PLAYERS, it is basic and does not cover strategy. Check out our other books if you already know how to play Mah Jongg.
$34.95 each ($1.50 S&H)
Click here to order!

The Great mahjong Book"The Great Mahjong Book": A perfect resource for the beginning or experienced mahjong player. This comprehensive book covers the entire history of mahjong as it spread around the globe, on the equipment and accessories used in the game, the basic rules, how and where the game first developed and all the international variants of mahjong — including China, the U.S., Holland, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong. Filled with hints, fun facts and numerous illustrations of memorabilia and artifacts, this authoritative and thoroughly enjoyable book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in this ancient and beguiling game. Includes information on The National Mah Jongg League and American Version Mah Jongg! If you want more than one book, Email us your order so that shipping can be reduced for media mailing rates.
$17.85 each ($3.85 S&H)

On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg"On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg": Book by Milton Stern: AN UNFINISHED SCREENPLAY, FIVE MENOPAUSAL JEWISH WOMEN, ONE STRANGE YEAR. For two decades, Michael Bern, a gay television writer in Hollywood, has stared at an unfinished screenplay sitting on his desk. After attending a friend's funeral in his hometown of Newport News, Virginia, Michael returns to Hollywood and finds there is more than a screenplay that is unfinished in his life. He finally confronts what the screenplay represents - memories and stories of the sometimes sad, often hilarious characters of his past, especially his mother and her four closest friends. Florence, Hannah, Rona, Arlene and Doreen - five more fascinating, menopausal, Jewish women one would never meet. They were friends for more than forty years and saw each other through life's triumphs, tragedies and multiple spouses. Yet, there was only one constant in their lives. On Tuesdays, they played Mah Jongg. If ordering more than two books, please Email us for discounted shipping!
$15.50 each ($3.85 S&H)

Michael's Secrets by Milton SternThe Girls from ON TUESDAYS, THEY PLAYED MAH JONGG are back in "MICHAEL'S SECRETS" by MILTON STERN. Just when things are looking up for Hollywood television and screen writer, Michael Bern, his TV show is cancelled, his best friend dies face first into her birthday cake, and his dog decides to take an eternal nap in her favorite chair. To escape the unending drama of Tinsel Town, he accepts an offer to move to Washington, DC, and co-write a screenplay with his friend, Sharon. But, anyone who knows Michael knows that drama just follows him everywhere, and it is usually of his own making.
$15.50 each ($3.85 S&H)

SPECIAL! Purchase both Milton Stern books for $25.00 ($3.50 S&H)

Mahjong All Day Long Childrens Book"Mahjong All Day Long": Hardcover Children's Book. With family game nights on the rise, this is a comforting look at a modern family spending quality time together. Click here for more details.
$16.00 each ($3.85 S&H)

"Mah Jong, Anyone? A Manual of Western Play": Mah Jong, the ancient game of China, is enjoying another burst of popularity in America, as well as in Asia. Often seen as a mystery to Westerners, Mah Jong includes the combination of skill, chance and social interaction of Western games like dominoes, bridge and dice. Authors Strauser and Evans unlock this mystery with an easy-to-follow instructional book which outlines the rules and strategy of the game for Westerners. The perfect primer for the new player and a convenient manual for old hands, Mah Jong, Anyone? gives basic information on equipment, accessories, terminology, rules of play, scoring, penalties and bonuses. Experienced Mah Jong players will especially welcome the section on special hands. New material added by Tom Sloper. While this is adapted for Westerners, this is not "American" Mah Jongg using 152 tiles. This book is based on 144 tiles.
$14.95 each ($3.85 S&H)

Mah Jongg Made Easy"Mah Jongg Made Easy": A valuable handbook with step by step instructions by the National Mah Jongg League using AMERICAN (Western) MAH JONGG RULES. Great for the beginner or a refresher for advanced players.
$7.50 each (Free Shipping!)

Mah Jongg: Crack, Bam Dot!"Mah Jongg: Crack, Bam Dot!": A new book that looks at the game and the Mah Jongg craze of the 1920s and 30s. Mah Jong looks at this fascinating history and celebrates the visual universe of mah jongg as manifested in beautifully crafted game sets and packaging, in photographs of players, and in the broader context of fashion and style. Includes essays on Chinese and Jewish connections: The Game of a Thousand Wonders: Melissa Martens explores how the game was introduced to American audiences and became associated with Jewish audiences. Mah Jongg also includes specially commissioned visual contributions: A series of mah jongg-inspired fashions created by Isaac Mizrahi... AND MUCH MORE!!
$39.75 each (Free Shipping)

Out of stock - This book is currently out of print but we are working with the publisher to try and get some more. We can put your name on our list and contact you if we can get them

Assorted Mah Jongg Instructional Books: If you are new to the game or want to brush up on your skills, one (or all) five books listed below are a must! $13.95 each ($3.00 S&H)

Book Choice

A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg"A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg": The only book available which is specifically geared toward American mah jongg and follows the official National Mah Jongg League rules. Offering first-time players an easy-to-follow guide to this complex game, A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg includes simple instructions and clear diagrams to walk the reader through each step, including how to select a hand, how to play and how to develop winning strategies. This book is written by an actual Mah Jongg instructor who teaches on cruises and to players in the California area. Illustrations and diagrams for easy learning. (Order Above)

Winning American Mah Jongg Strategies: A Guide for the Novice Player"Winning American Mah Jongg Strategies: A Guide for the Novice Player" Following up on the success of her acclaimed book, A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg, bestselling author Elaine Sandberg's new book offers novice players the advice they need to excel at mah jongg. Winning American Mah Jongg Strategies: A Guide for the Novice Player provides beginners with the information they need to strategize, excel, and win!

This book teaches players how to overcome common difficulties and provides the knowledge to sharpen strategic skills and increase win ratios. By showing beginners how to see and utilize different strategic elements, players learn how to elevate their skills and increase their wins. A gem of a book that is the perfect gift for mah jongg players of all ages! (Order Above)

Book of Mah Jong" An Illustrated Guide"Book of Mah Jong" An Illustrated Guide: This paperback Book of Mah Jong meets that long-sought need, as author Amy Lo, in consultation with many master players of the different forms of mah jong, offers the most complete mah jong guide ever. Over 160 full color photos and illustrations! (Order Above)

The Red Dragon & The West Wind"The Red Dragon & The West Wind": The perfect introduction for beginners and an excellent reference for expert players, is a complete guide to mah-jongg, the classic game of strategy and subterfuge. Covering all aspects of the two most important varieties, official Chinese and American (NMJL card rules), the book reveals the true history and origin of the game. Tom Sloper also includes information on rules of play, ways to win, and essential errors to avoid as well as the etiquette to follow during a game. Written by acclaimed expert Tom Sloper, The Red Dragon & The West Wind is the essential book for anyone who wants to have fun—and win—while playing mah-jongg. If you are ordering several books, email your order so that we can combine s&h and use media rate to save you money (this is true with all of our book titles). (Order Above)

The Tiles that Bind MAH-JONGG VideoThe Tiles that Bind MAH-JONGG DVD: A 32-minute video documentary offering a light-hearted and often deeply moving portrait of the Asian- and Jewish- American women who play the centuries old Chinese game of Mah-Jongg. It explores the shared experiences of the players and their families, and chronicles the very social aspect of the game - food, camaraderie, gossip, and most importantly, the life-long bonds that form between its players. The game serves as a bridge linking these seemingly unlike individuals, spanning generations, cultures and continents.
$24.95 ($2.75 S&H)

6" Metal-Tone Bookmark6" Metal-Tone Bookmark: Green seed beads with black Czech beads. Main tile may be a different symbol than shown. A special gift for the avid book reader.
$15.00 each ($1.00 S&H)

Mah-Jongg from Shanghai to Miami BeachMah-Jongg from Shanghai to Miami Beach: The Chinese game of skill, luck, clattering tiles, and "100 intelligences" is more popular than ever with a growing cross-cultural audience. This handsomely illustrated pop culture celebration of the game traces mah-jongg's history from its roots in China through its immense popularity in the U.S. in the 1920s to its popularity in the Jewish community and resurgence among a whole new generation of players. Packed with information for experienced as well as beginning players, this invaluable book includes features on the meaning and beauty of the tiles; mah-jongg tournaments, cruises, and online play; crystal clear explanations of the basic rules for the American and traditional Chinese games; points of etiquette; a handy resource section; and recipes for Chinese and Jewish food to nibble while players pung, chow, and kong. 176 pages. Hardcover.
$15.00 each ($3.85 S&H)

NOTE: If you are ordering 3 or more books for gifts, shipping is only $10.00 for quantity of 3-10 books. Email us your order so that shipping can be adjusted.


Mouse PadMah Jong Tile Mouse Pad: Quit "dragon" your mouse around on that old mouse pad and treat yourself and a friend to new ones! 8 1/2 x 7 1/2 mouse pad
$6.50 each (FREE Shipping!)


Wrapping PaperWrapping Paper: That's a wrap! Wrap your mah jongg gifts or hostess gifts in this beautiful Mah Jongg Tile wrapping paper.
$5.50 each set ($.75 S&H)


Is your order over $100.00? Email us to see if we can combine your S&H to save you money!
blue leather coasters Blue Leather Coasters: Thin, light, and genuine tooled leather with Mah Jongg symbols. Great conversation piece! Comes four in a set.
$18.00 (free S&H)

Mah Jongg MezuzahMah Jongg Mezuzah: Great housewarming gift! Approx 5 x 1 " ceramic case (scroll not included).
$18.00 each Includes S&H.

Mah Jongg Beach Towel Mah Jongg Beach Towel: This beautiful beach towel is PLUSH PLUSH PLUSH! Approx size is 58" x 30" and is HIGH QUALITY Cotton. While it may look like a novelty for MahJong Lovers, this is not "novelty" quality. Everyone uses beach towels!Dark blue background, red border, FUN DESIGN. BUY NOW!
$10.00 each ($5.00 S&H)

Mah Jongg Bathroom AccessoriesMah Jongg Bathroom Accessories: Fun bathroom ensemble with accessories featuring swirling & dancing Mah-Jong tiles, dice and coins. Each item comes in a box ready for gift giving.

Hand Lotion Bottle / Liquid Soap Dispenser $12.99 each ($3.85 S&H)

Bathroom Drinking Cup NOW $8.99 each
($2.75 S&H)

Toothbrush Holder NOW $8.99 each ($2.75 S&H)

Kleenex / Tissue Box NOW $12.00 each
($5.00 S&H)

BEST VALUE: All four Bathroom Accessories NOW $24.99 set ($9.75 S&H)

Crystal Mah Jongg Tiles Crystal Mah Jongg Tiles: Tiles for decoration. Use in curio or book shelf or small paper weights. Curved back allows light to enhance these accessories. The price is per tile. If ordering more than one tile, Email us to save on shipping.
$4.25 each tile ($2.25 S&H)

Cup Holder and Bottle Holder TableCup Holders: For game and card tables! Set of two. Each one screws securely onto the corner of standard size card tables. Easy to put on and take off. Supports drinks and snacks. No need to set up trays that use up valuable space in small rooms or apartments. This is an innovative way to keep your beverages off the table! There is also a space to hold pencil for scorekeeping in bridge, mah jongg tournaments and other games.
$16.00 per pair ($4.50 first pair, $2.00 each additional pair S&H)

Square Multi-Tile Mah Jongg Bowls2 Square Multi-Tile Mah Jongg Bowls: Each ceramic bowl with unique square shape measures 4" x 4" x 2 1/4". Perfect for nut and candy. SET OF TWO.
$24.00 per set ($6.50 S&H first set, $3.25 each additional set)

Mah Jongg Light Weight VaseLight Weight Vase: Thin as paper, sturdy as glass! Stores flat for storage, mailing and travel. Expands for flowers and centerpieces. Add water and it is like magic. Low cost gift with a Mah-Jong tile pattern. PERFECT for favors, hospitals, office desk and tournament tables. Won't chip, leak or break and is reusable!
$5.99 each ($1.00 S&H first vase and $.35 each additional vase)

ON SALE $3.00

Mah Jongg Money BankMah Jongg Money Bank: Fun and useful money bank. Keep in the kitchen to collect your own change to have available each time you want to play mah jong or use as the "kitty" for "wall games." About 3 1/4 " high, the design is on BOTH sides and the top has a Chinese coin design. Bottom has rubber stopper to remove coins. Priced right for gifts. Only $1.00 S&H for each additional bank, so buy more now.
$5.99 each ($4.25 S&H on first bank purchase - $1.00 each additional bank)

Patrick FellerPatrick Feller: Need a unique piece of furniture for your "mahj" room? Patrick Feller is your man! He has been written up in "Houston Intown, " and does murals for many elegant homes and businesses. This artist can paint anything on ANYTHING (including telephones!). He is also a wonderful photographer who has had pictures and art in catalogs and advertising. If you would like to be put in touch with Patrick, please Email us. This special piece is in our headquarters!

Rubber Drink CoastersRubber Drink Coasters: Set of four, 4" in diameter coasters. Each with a different color trim and mah jongg symbol to distinguish each player's beverage. Great gift item, hostess basket item and for your personal entertaining needs.
$10.00 set ($1.25 S&H)

BEST VALUE: Buy FOUR Sets of Coasters - Get ONE SET FREE! For a total of Five Coaster Sets for $40.00 ($ 4.00 S&H)


Whimsical Mah Jongg MugsWHIMSICAL MUGS: Set of four mugs that tell the world that we all do NEED ANOTHER MAH JONGG SET! If you can have multiple pairs of shoes, you can have multiple sets of Mah Jongg. Mah Jongg sets are still cheaper than a pair of shoes and a lot more FUN! Your choice: four purple, four green or two of each color!
$25.00 set of 4 ($9.95 S&H)


Mahj-tini PlateMahj-tini Plate: This whimsical lady can’t get enough of her two favorite things…Mah Jongg and a Martini! Plate measures 8” square. Cute for display, wall hanging or to serve candy!
$17.50 each ($4.50 S&H each and $2.00 each additional).

Mah Jongg Apron, Mah Jongg Oven Mitt, Mah Jongg Hot Pad SetMah Jongg Mitt & Hot Pad: Quilted hot pad and mitt in a new rich looking pattern! Buy Now! $14.99/set ($3.50 S&H on first set, only $2.00 for each additional set) *Apron shown in larger photo is no longer available.

Sandblasted Mah Jongg Collection: Designs on glass have long been a way to decorate in homes and offices. Now function and fun are mixed with our new Sand Blasted gift items. These items are dishwasher safe and are custom designed in the USA. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. DO NOT FORGET to Email us for large quantities. We will be happy to combine S&H on items to save you money!

Small wave bowlSmall wave bowl: Perfect for peanuts and candy! Dimensions are 3.75" x 6". Glass is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.
$30.00 each ($8.00 S&H first one, $4.50 each additional)

Large wave bowlLarge wave bowl: Serves everything from Chips and popcorn to cole slaw and potato salad! Dimensions are 9″ x 8.5″.
$42.00 each ($9.75 S&H first one, $5.50 each additional)

Square PlatterSquare Platter: Serves cake and treats to veggie platters and more. Dimensions are 10" x 10". Glass is microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in the U.S.A.
$35.00 each ($8.00 S&H first one, $4.50 each additional)

3-Quart Rectangle3-Quart Rectangle: Comes with plastic cover. Lid is microwave safe. Dimensions are 11" x 9". Glass is oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Made in the U.S.A.
$49.99 each ($10.00 S&H first one, $7.50 each additional)

Sandblasted Mah Jongg Collection - Nosh JarNosh Jar: Hold your favorite candy or jelly beans! $38.00 each ($7.50 S&H first bowl, $4.00 each additional)

Mah Jongg Munchie Bowl:Mah Jongg Munchie Bowl: A snazzy way to serve chips, pretzels and popcorn. This 9" in diameter hand painted bowl is perfect for serving snacks, but will make a great item to add smaller gifts inside and create the perfect gift basket for your Mah Jongg buddies.
$14.99 each (S&H $6.50 for first bowl, then $1.50 S&H for each additional bowl.)
ON SALE $10.00

Mah Jongg Serving SetsMah Jongg Serving SetsMah Jongg Serving SetsMah Jongg Serving Sets: Cream cheese spreaders come four per gift box and are a perfect way to entertain. Cheese plane and knife will be sure to please when added to any gift basket or given as a hostess gift. Of course any game is not complete without cake! Use your new pie or cake server and be the envy of your group. Your choice for only
$11.99 each ($2.25 S&H)

Set Choice:

Special! All three serving items only $28.00 ($6.50 S&H)

MahJong Fruit Skewers MahJong Fruit Skewers: Make appetizing kabobs for your next party, Mah Jong Tournament or for the Mah Jongg Ladies to enjoy at the next game. Use for cheese cubes and fruit! Don't forget to make the dipping sauce for the strawberries! See one suggested Recipe Here. Mah Jong picks are available in White or Black. Six per package.
$10.00 each ($5.00 S&H) SALE: $5.00

MAHJ Snack Dishes Set of TWO MAHJ Snack Dishes - Set of two snack dishes measure approximately 5.5" x 3". One has the "winds" on each side with a hunter green inside and Joker bottom. The other dish has a "dot" design with a red inside and "soap" bottom.
$28.00 each ($9.50 S&H on first set, $3.50 S&H for each additional set)

Melamine Serving Pieces - Plate Melamine Serving Pieces - Bowl Melamine Serving Pieces - Mug with CoasterMelamine Serving Pieces - Your choice only $8.00 each item! Get as few or as many as you want. Shatter resistant and can be put in dishwasher. Use daily or for entertaining your MahJongg Friends. Your choice of 10 1/2 inch luncheon plate, 5 1/2 x 2 3/4 inch bowl (great for nuts and candy!), or 3 1/2 inch tall mug WITH matching coaster!
$8.00 each ($5.50 S&H for first item, $.50 S&H for each additional item**)
**this would be for mix and match

Earthenware Serving PlatterEarthenware Mah Jongg Serving Platter: Generous 10" x 10" plate can be used for serving or as decoration (plate stand not included). Earthenware serving platter has bold colors and design!Buy one as a gift TODAY.
$30.00 each ($8.00 S&H)

Mah Jongg Tiles Design Platter Mah Jongg Platter: Our Mah Jongg Tiles Design Platter measures 12” x 7 ½” x 1 ¼”. Great size for small sandwiches and cookies. Beautiful colors allow this to stay out as a decorative accessory, too. Comes boxed for gift giving.
$28.00 each ($6.50 S&H for 1st dish, $4.25 S&H each additional)


High Quality Dish TowelHigh Quality Kitchen Dish Towel: High quality item to be used in kitchen, bathroom, or even as a crying towel. This Mah Jongg inspired design just might make you want to start cooking.
$4.50 each ($1.00 S&H)

Out of stock - The dish towel is currently out of stock. We can put your name on our list and contact you when they are back in stock

Mah Jongg Candy MoldMah Jongg Candy Mold: Nine (9) cavity mold* to make your own chocolates.
*Some of the cavities do not mold out as mirror images, but this does not take away from the novelty of the Mah Jongg theme for the candy.
$3.95 each ($.50 S&H)

Mah Jong Tile Wine CharmsMah Jong Tile Wine Charms: North, East, South and West Mah Jongg Friends Are Really The Best! So use these decorative wine charms to celebrate friendship & more. Each set has an assortment of 6 charms for only
$11.95 each set (S&H $1.00)

SPECIAL! on sale now for $9.95

Mah Jongg Salt & Pepper Shaker SetMah Jongg Salt & Pepper Shaker Set: Spice up your afternoon luncheon with our salt and pepper shakers.
$7.99 set ($2.25 S&H)

SPECIAL! Three Mah Jongg salt & pepper shaker sets. $19.99 ($4.50 S&H)

Texas residents must add appropriate sales tax.

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