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Triple Layer Burgundy Mah Jong TilesYear of the Horse 2014 Tiles: Celebrate The Chinese New Year with our exclusive tiles. These are limited and no more will be produced when they sell out. Dragons are beautiful vintage styled dragons, and Each Joker is a horse with the year 2014. Triple layer tiles in gold are worthy of a celebration. Add This collectible set now!
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Red Glitter Mah Jongg Tiles include 16 flowers without numbersSIMPLY FLOWERS! Red Glitter Mah Jongg Tiles include 16 flowers without numbers. No more confusing a one bam for a flower tile. American version Mah Jongg doesn't need numbers on flowers for scoring. These stunning tiles will be loved by new and advanced players.
$54.00 ($10.00 S&H)

Turqoise Glitter Mah Jongg TilesLeopard Mah Jongg Tiles: You will be queen of the jungle when you bring out these! Standard size tiles of 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2 " with great engraving and easy to read numbers.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Silver & Black Mixed Mah Jongg TilesMixed Glitter Mah Jongg Tiles: Your Choice of Silver & Black or Gold & Black. This jazzy number is shimmering glitter mixed with just the right amount of black for one of the most dramatic looking tiles to be produced. An exquisite look on black opaque or black lucite racks! There are so many adjectives to describe these... we could just go on and on! Buy now and see for yourself.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Mardi Gras Mah Jongg TilesMardi Gras Tiles: Can you ever have too much fun playing Mah Jongg? The MARDI GRAS tile is like a party in each and every tile. Pictures do not do these justice. Your choice of Gold or Silver. Pair them up with your favorite colored racks and call your friends over. (Shown below - our matching copyrighted Lucky You!©" Jokers** are optional.) Also available - blanks for custom jokers! Contact us for more information!
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Lucky You Mardi Gras Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Mardi Gras tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Black Mah Jongg TilesBLACK MAH JONGG TILES: Elegant mah jongg tiles in black with pastel engraving. 166 tiles, 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2". Feel free to EMAIL Us if you want to ask about personalization (not included).
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Green Checked Mah Jong Tiles Checkered Mah Jongg Tiles: Your Mah-jong buddies will be seeing red when you pull out these handsome tiles for the next game. Triple layer tiles, 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2". Standard jokers included with the set. Your choice of Blue or Red. (Shown below - our matching copyrighted Lucky You!©" Jokers** are optional.)
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Lucky You Checkered Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Mah Jongg TilesBreast Cancer Awareness Tiles: PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Tiles: These PINK FACED TILES WITH PINK GLITTER BACKS have been custom designed to promote awareness of this disease. There is more than a good chance that anyone reading this knows someone who has been touched by Breast Cancer. These tiles will be seen by friends and family as we lovingly play our game. 100% of the money from the sale of the special Breast Cancer Jokers (when purchased with the set of tiles) will be donated to the KOMEN FOUNDATION. The tiles come with standard jokers. Blank tiles are still available for personalized jokers, too! For a complete look, add on a set of Pink Lucite Racks here! View how these Pink tiles look on these pink racks here.Pink Ribbon Joker are Currently out of stock shown below. However, we still have plenty of our Pink Faced Tiles w/Pink Glitter Backs available.
$54.00 tile set ($10.00 S&H)

Pink Ribbon Mah Jong Joker TilesPink Ribbon Jokers: Jokers Currently Out of Stock - Special Pink Ribbon Charity Jokers are optional, but will complete your set as custom and special... and will make you feel good for helping a good cause.
$7.50 set of 8 Pink Ribbon Jokers (FREE S&H)

Basic White or Ivory/Cream Mah Jongg TilesBasic White or Ivory (Cream) colored Mah Jongg Tiles: Great value at only $37.00. 166 basic Western (American) Mah Jongg tiles with jokers that can be removed for other versions of Mahjong. Standard American Mah Jongg Tiles 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2 with excellent engraving. Look how easy our numbers and symbols are to read!
$37.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Milky White Mah Jongg TilesMilky White Mah Jongg Tiles: These elegant Milky White tiles with amazing quality in engraving and colors. 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2 standard size.
$54.00 each set ($10.00 S&H)

Mah Jong TilesMah Jongg Tiles: Choice of Burgundy, Blue or Green. These come with bettor, dice and plastic betting coins! Racks available HERE if needed. Sorry- extra tiles for personalization cannot be ordered on these three tiled sets.
$54.00 per set (10.00 S&H)


Japanese Mahjong SetJapanese Mahjong Set: Black Mah-jong tiles housed in rosewood storage box. Riichi scoring rules will use the additional four "red fives" as bonus tiles (DORA TILES). High quality engraving. This set is a traditional Japanese set WITHOUT arabic numbers.
$69.00 each set ($12.50 S&H)

Personalized Mah Jongg JokersOf course you can still order 8 Personalized Jokers with your name or initials. Email Us for pricing and options. Lucky You!© tiles are an exclusive, copyrighted item of Where The Winds Blow.

Chinese Two-Toned Mah Jong TilesChinese Two-Toned Tiles: SOLD OUT 144 1 1/8" x 3/4" tiles plus 4 extra blanks included.
$29.00 each set ($6.00 S&H)

Blank Mah Jongg Tiles

Blank Mah Jongg Tiles: Create your own heirloom or set of your dreams. Paint or engrave the mah jongg theme you have been thinking of. Blank tiles can be used for crafts or creating other games, too. 160 tiles (tiles only, no box or case). Ivory silken colored tiles are 1 5/16 x 1 x 11/16" and black or snow white colored tiles are 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2". Good quality tiles.
$45.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Peaches and Cream Mah Jongg Tiles Peaches and Cream with BONUS TILES! Simple and Stunning. Includes BONUS TILES for RIICHI rules and Singapore tiles. Using red fives for different scoring and bonus points is fun! 5 sets of capture tiles: Rich man and pot of gold, street performer and frog, rooster and worm, cat and mouse, fisherman and fish These bonus tiles are a $50.00 value when custom engraved to match other tiles! They are INCLUDED with these beautiful triple layer peach backed tiles for FREE! 180 TOTAL TILES!! Standard jokers included for American Mah Jongg.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Mah Jongg tiles with LARGER NUMBERS for Players with Vision ImpairmentLARGER NUMBERS for Players with Vision Impairment! Dragons with Text for Players with Color Blindness.

EVERYONE knows SOMEONE that could benefit from these. We have had senior players say that they have stopped playing Mah Jongg because they cannot see the numbers. Numbers are COLOR CODED to match the suits, too. These come in solid white, Silver Mardi Gras and our popular Rainbow tiles. Standard American can SIZED TILES, but larger numbers (smaller symbols).$64.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

EMAIL US To combine theese with cases and racks to create a complete set!


Triple Layer Burgundy Mah Jong TilesTriple Layer Mah Jongg Tiles: Your choice of Burgundy or Blue. There is nothing bland about these tiles backed in a solid color of burgundy. A very rich and sophisticated look! Pair them with our silver glitter racks for an even more unique look. Standard jokers are included with this set, but LUCKY YOU Jokers are available for an additional cost. See information below.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)
Lucky You Jokers

Lucky You Triple Layer Burgundy or Blue Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Triple Layer tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Triple Layer Burgundy Mah Jong TilesBLUE DENIM TILES: Popular Blue Denim tiles! We are Mad about Mah Jongg and Mad about these tiles! They have a unique blue and white fleck design. Especially good looking with our black frosted combo racks (not included).
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Lucky You Jokers

Lucky You Blue Denim Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Blue Denim tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Ask us about personalized jokers!

Click here to send us an email requesting more information!

Watermelon Red Mah Jongg Glitter TilesWatermelon Red Mah Jongg Glitter Tiles: Beautiful glitter tiles for your playing pleasure. Standard American tiles that your entire group will enjoying playing with. Vibrant color will make you happy all afternoon or evening while having fun with MAH JONGG!

Lucky You Watermelon Red Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 Lucky You Watermelon Red Glitter Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Watermelon Red Glitter Mah Jongg tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Turqoise Glitter Mah Jongg TilesTurquoise Glitter Mah Jongg Tiles: Turquoise glitter tiles. Soothing color will have you playing mah jongg all day. You won't want to stop playing. Standard size 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2". Make this extra special by ordering personalized jokers! Standard jokers included.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Lucky You Jokers Lucky You Turquoise Glitter Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Cottage Wallpaper TilesCottage Wallpaper Tiles: Your choice of Green or Blue Cottage Wallpaper Mah Jongg Tiles. These tiles have a personality of their own. The petite green pattern looks great on our jeweled green racks! Triple layer tiles are 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2". (Shown below - our matching copyrighted Lucky You!©" Jokers** are optional.)
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Lucky You Cottage Walpaper Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Purple Glitter Mah Jongg TilesDark Purple Glitter Mah Jongg Tiles: Purple glitter Tiles have that WOW factor! Standard American tiles 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2". Fabulous sparkling tiles will have everyone's attention. BUY NOW - These sell out fast!
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Jumbo American Mah Jongg TilesJumbo American Mah Jongg Glitter Tiles: Approx size 1 3/8 x 1 x 3/4", A total of 166 beautiful JUMBO tiles with jokers (and numbers) for American Mah Jongg. Remove jokers for other versions of Mahjong. The glitter tiles are available in Green and Magenta. Wooden box included. *More colors available in late August.
$69.00 each ($12.50 S&H)


Peaches N Cream Mah Jongg TilesPeaches N Cream: Triple layer tile with white face and peach colored back. So simple and so stunning! (Shown below - our matching copyrighted Lucky You!©" Jokers** are optional.)
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Lucky You Peaches N Cream Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Peaches N Cream tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Mint Green or Blue Glitter Mah Jongg TilesMint Green and Blue Glitter Tiles: Beautiful tiles include the more traditional design for the red and green dragons. These are so refreshing that these are a "must have," no matter how many sets you already own. (Shown below - our matching copyrighted Lucky You!©" Jokers** are optional.)
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Lucky You Mint Green and Blue Glitter Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Mint Green & Blue Glitter tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)


Artrageous Mah Jong Tiles Artrageous Mah Jong Tiles Artrageous Mah Jong TilesArtrageous Mah Jong TilesARTRAGEOUS Tile Selections! Your choices are: Best Friends, Chinese Children Playing, Japanese Birds, Peacock or Double Happiness. Vivid colors create a wonderful piece of art under the Lucite back of each tile. Large, easy to read numbers! Tiles with jokers included for American version Mah Jongg. Remove jokers to play Asian variations. Tiles - 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2".
Double Happiness are out of stock, due back Late June

$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)


Singapore Mah Jong TilesSingapore Mah Jong Tiles: Click here for more information. If you would like to order these tiles, or would like more information, please Email Us.

Asian Floral Jumbo Mah Jongg TilesJUMBO tiles with Asian Floral Motif: JUMBO tiles with Asian Floral Motif:Approx. tile size 1 1/2 x 1 3/16 x 7/8". Choice of ASIAN OR AMERICAN VERSIONS AVAILABLE. Each tile has a beautiful design under Lucite backs. These are Lucite backed tiles with white faces. The engraving is great with easy to read symbols (no numbers on these ASIAN tiles). The wooden case has a beautiful design on the front side and is felt backed on the opposite side to protect your furniture. This is a set to leave OUT on the table for all to see! 17 x 12 x 2.5" Overall approximate size of the box with handle.
$79.99 set ($15.50 S&H)


Jumbo American Rainbow Delight Mah Jong Tiles JUMBO American Rainbow Delight Tiles: Currently Sold Out - More due in late July. 152 tiles in Jumbo size of 1 3/8 x 1 x 13/16" WITH NUMBERS!! 8 of these tiles are BLANK to be used with Joker stickers (sold here for $3.00 per 8) or engraved with your name for personalized jokers (additional charge). The triple layer tiles come in aluminum box with dice (box will NOT store racks, etc.). GREAT FOR PLAYERS THAT HAVE VISION PROBLEMS. NICE CLEAR ENGRAVING on larger than normal tiles. Can be used for American or Asian versions of Mah Jong.
$69.00 set ($12.00 S&H)

Rainbow Delight Mah Jong Tiles Rainbow Delight Mah Jongg Tiles: What a sight! Our newest jewel colored tiles are exciting and fun. Lucite tiles will match your favorite racks and brighten up your Mah jongg Game. (Shown below - our copyrighted "Lucky You!©" Jokers** are optional.)
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Lucky You Mah Jong JokersLucky You Rainbow Delight Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Rainbow Delight Mah Jongg tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Triple Layer Striped Mah Jong TilesTriple Layer Striped Tiles: Your choice of Purple, Red, or Blue. (Shown below - our copyrighted Lucky You!©" Jokers** are
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Lucky You Mah Jong JokersLucky You Triple Layer Striped Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching Striped "Lucky You!©Jokers to match the Mah Jongg tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Glitter mah Jongg TilesGlitter Mah Jongg Tiles: Standard 1 1/8" x 7/8" x 1/2" tiles with Lucite. Traditional Jokers included. Your choice of Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Pink Glitter or Magenta Glitter Backs. Fun way to play! Glam up with our exclusive Lucky You!!©" Jokers** (optional - see below) match these modern triple layer tiles. Other Silver/Black Backed Tiles available here.
$54.00 tiles ($10.00 S&H)


Lucky You Mah Jong JokersGlitter Lucky You Mah Jongg Jokers: $7.50 per set of 8 matching Glitter "Lucky You!©" Jokers to match the Glitter tiles above (FREE SHIPPING!) (only available with purchase of full set of matching tiles.)

Solid Mint Mah Jong Tiles or Lilac Backed Mah Jong TilesSolid Mint Mah Jongg Tiles: Large numbered, beautiful solid mint green with gold accents for a touch of class.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

Buttercup Mah Jongg TilesButtercup Mah Jongg Tiles: 166 beautiful pale yellow tiles that have the translucent feel of the vintage apple juice tiles. Perfect to update an older set or just to have a change of scenery. Large easy to read numbers.Larger picture shows tiles paired with our our Wooden Racks with Brass Ends.
$54.00 set ($10.00 S&H)

GREEN VELOUR BAG WITH LIDDED TRAYSSPECIAL VALUE! LIMITED QUANTITY! BLUE VELOUR BAG WITH LIDDED TRAYS to store the beautiful cottage wallpaper tiles. Blue lucite COMBO racks included! Two velcro wraps to organize your tile trays and racks. Dice are included. Velour bag has rhinestone design. There are no substitutions on this special value set. Limited quantity, get this today for yourself or as a gift.
$89.99 each set ($15.50 S&H)

Lightweight Micro Fiber Mah Jongg Cases on Wheels:WHEELED MAH JONGG CASES : Lightweight Micro Fibre Cases on Wheels: Metal clip shoulder strap included too, and carrying handle. So many choices! No more plastic clips breaking on shoulder straps! Case is roomy enough to hold all of your tiles in the long soft tray (our OPTIONAL LIDDED TRAYS fit perfectly inside of soft pouch if you like a more structured tray for storage) and racks and pushers (we show interior with COMBO racks, not included! This is for case only). FOUR great choices: Gray, Slate Blue, Leopard or Zebra Print.
$54.00 each ($10.00 S&H on first case. Add $4.00 each additional case purchased at same time for shipping).


All Purpose Velour Mah Jongg BagAll Purpose Velour Mah Jongg Bag: Who carries tiles in zip lock bags? You know who you are. It sure is easier to clear off the table when the game is over - no argument there. This bag is perfect for you! Will hold your baggie of tiles or two long plastic tile trays (not included, but available for those who want to be organized and tidy), four racks and helping hands. Two matching Velcro wraps included to protect racks and hold optional tile trays together. Shoulder strap style is easy to carry and can be embroidered with "I Love Mah Jongg" (or any simple phrase), or your first name or initials for only $12.00 more! This would be great for Mah Jongg Marathon weekends when you head to the shore with your friends and need to pack up your last minute personal items, too. Available in BLACK, GRAY, RED, DARK GREEN and DARK NAVY only. (Pictured with OPTIONAL embroidery. See below for details.)
$28.00 each! (S&H $8.00)


Personalized Velour BagPersonalize your Velour Bag: Just an additional $12! Complete the form below with your specifications. If you chose "other" for any option, Please contact us with your preference.

Velour Bag Western Mah Jongg SetGray Velour Bag Western Mah Jongg Set: Soft velour* zipper carry bag. MUCH lighter than traditional hard case. Set includes case, and your choice of white or cream mah jongg tiles, (you can upgrade to other tiles and racks at an additional cost, depending on tiles & racks selected. Email Us for information) racks, betting accessories, wraps with velcro fasteners for easy organizing of the game tiles and racks, and instructions. Other tile & rack combinations are available. Email Us for information. NOW AVAILABLE! Personalize your bag and tiles! Email Us for details! *(some slight creases cannot be avoided and should be expected.)
$74.99 each set ($14.50 S&H)


Mah Jongg Motifs Mah Jongg MotifsBling Your Bags! These trendy Mah Jongg iron-on motifs are available in two designs: Three Tiles and I LOVE MAH JONGG in each package. You can purchase these motifs here.

Map Imprinted Mah Jongg CaseMap Imprinted Case Mah Jongg Set: Complete set is contained in this elegant vinyl case with a world map design. Cream colored tiles are complimented by four jeweled racks of assorted colors.
$74.99 complete set ($14.50 S&H)

 Click here to Email us to design your own Mah Jongg set!

All Purpose Velour Mah Jongg BagLeopard Game Set: Leopard case on wheels just gets better when it includes Leopard tiles and racks! Case on wheels has soft zipper pouch to store tiles. Scoop up your tiles and go! Also included: Four yellow or clear lucite racks, 166 Leopard tiles for American Mah Jongg and dice. Only $99.99 (15.50 s&h) as shown, no substitutions. Other combinations available for additional cost. Email us for questions!
$99.99 each! (S&H $15.50)

Rack Choice:

SPECIAL VALUE MAH JONGG SETSPECIAL VALUE MAH JONGG SET with padding in upper half of silver aluminum case, four black racks and beautiful two layer tiles with black and silver mixed glitter design. Superior engraving will be enjoyed by new or advanced players. Mah Jongg is FUN for the whole family.
$69.00 each ($14.50 S&H)

Five Drawer MahJong Chest Five Drawer MahJong Chest with mother of pearl inlay:Unique accessory for your home even if you do not play Mah Jongg. The inside dimensions of the drawers are 7 3/4 x 5 x 3/4” (outside dimension 8 3/8 x 5 1/2 x 1”) with overall chest being 9 1/4 (width) x 6 1/2 (depth) x 6 5/8 (height). Currently Sold Out - More due in Late November.
$69.00 each ($10.00 S&H)

Black Faux Alligator Mah Jongg SetBlack Faux Alligator Mah Jongg Set: Slightly translucent ivory colored tiles, four jeweled racks, Black Faux Alligator patterned case with inner trays and dice. Email for case only.
$99.99 each ($15.50 S&H)

Black or Red Durable Canvas Case with Mah Jongg SetBlack, Red or Blue Durable Canvas Case with Mah Jongg Set: case with solid white tiles and glitter racks. Light weight case with easy carrying handle and two pouches to hold tiles. Dice included. Choice of Clear Lucite with Silver Glitter, Clear Lucite with Gold Glitter or Black Lucite w/Gold Glitter Racks. for the low price of only $79.00 set ($15.50 S&H).

**Case Can be sold seperately. Even though case is pictured as leather-like, it is a DURABLE CANVAS and CAN BE EMBROIDERED- See below for details.

Choose Color:
Choose Item:

Black or Red Durable Canvas Case with Mah Jongg SetBlack, Red or Blue Durable Canvas CASE ONLY: Light weight case with easy carrying handle and two pouches to hold tiles.

*CAN BE EMBROIDERED - See below for details.
$39.95 each ($10.00 S&H)


Black or Red Durable Canvas CasePersonalize your Canvas Bag: Just an additional $12! Complete the form below with your specifications. If you chose "other" for any option, Please contact us with your preference.


Black or Red Durable Canvas Case Bling your Velour Bag: Add your name IN BLING to your velour bag! Choice of Script or Block lettering


Please email us for savings on combining multiple items! We can save you money when creating a complete mah jongg set!
Mah Jongg Teaching DVDMah Jongg Teaching DVD: This is the First Ever DVD teaching you how to play American Mahjongg. You will develop the confidence to join a Mahjongg group without feeling intimidated. Nothing can take the place of learning by experiencing and watching live games, but this is the second best thing if you don't have instructors or classes in your area! Buy Before December 25th and we will INCLUDE A FREE version of MAH JONGG MADE EASY to answer any additional questions. While the CD is very good for NEW PLAYERS, it is basic and does not cover strategy. Check out our other books if you already know how to play Mah Jongg.
$34.95 each ($1.50 S&H)

Knitted fabric covered Mah Jongg Tile Trays Fabric Covered Mah Jongg Tile Trays: Replacement trays or Storage trays to hold your standard sized Mah Jong tiles. Set of two with plastic covers.
$12.50 set ($4.25 S&H)

Set of Plastic Mah Jongg TraysSet of Plastic Mah Jong Tile Trays: These two trays come with clear plastic lids. Great for storing extra sets of tiles you have been collecting or to replace worn out trays from old vintage cases. The interior space of 18" x 2.5" will hold 160 standard sized tiles (1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2"). Tiles not included, for demonstration purposes only.
$10.95 each ($3.85 S&H)

Enamel Coated Chinese CoinsEnamel Coated Chinese Coins: 100 High quality counting coins! ENAMEL COATED with gold trim. Simply an elegant way to play mah jongg or just update some vintage racks - these will hide scratches and tranish that are on your brass end parts of your racks - modern or vintage. 25 of each color : blue, green, red and yellow. approx 7/8" in diameter.
$19.99 per set ($1.50 S&H)

Round Bettors Round Bettors: These 1.5" in diameter Round Bettors are hard to find. High quality wood bettors will complete your vintage sets that are missing this accessory used for wind indicators or betting. FIVE positions for betting. NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, EAST and the CHUNG SYMBOL for good luck and wealth for you to use for betting on the wall! Wood accessories have a nice traditional look. Great gifts or favors.
$5.99 each (Shipping Included)

Wright Patterson Counting CoinsWright Patterson Counting Coins: SOLD OUT - More due in Mid-March. Five colors of plastic chips for keeping score while playing the Wright-Patterson version of Mah Jongg. Each package has a minimum of 40 red, 24 green, 24 white, 24 yellow and 24 blue. Wright Patterson Mah Jongg is also referred to as "The Officer's Wives Club (OWC) Rules." Feel free to Email Us for discounted prices on 10 or more packages. Great for "Air Force bases", "Clubs", or "Banquet Centers", but you do not have to be in The Military to get the reduced price.
$7.00 per package (FREE SHIPPING!)

Wooden Button - Betting Wheel or Wind IndicatorWooden Button: Betting Wheel or Wind Indicator! Choice of American or Asian lettering. Add a touch of elegance to your game instead of using the plastic bettors that come with most sets. Approx. 3" long and hand crafted (any imperfections are due to hand crafting). Two blank sides on each cube for "betting on the wall" if you play American / Western version of Mah Jongg.
$6.50 each ($.75 S&H)


Yaketori MarkersYaketori Markers: House rules will dictate the penalty for not having your grilled chicken turned over after the first round! Used mostly by players in the Japanese version of Mahjong, these are becoming a fun, popular novelty requested by players of many forms of Mah-Jong. If you win a hand, flip your chicken. At the end of the game if someone's bird is still facing up, there will be a penalty to pay - maybe just a dime to each player or 2K points - but it will add an element of excitement to your game. These will fit in your Mah Jongg case with your tiles or your Mah Jongg bag. Four per set.
One set $5.00 per set ($ .75 S&H)

Three Yaketori Marker sets $12.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Brass Counting CoinsBrass Counting Coins: 100 brass Mah Jongg Counting coins. Use as they are on brass posts of racks to hide scratches or tarnish, or just to give a vintage feel. Use hobby quality spray paint (such as Krylon) to create your own color combinations to match your set and assign point values!
$8.99 per set ($1.50 S&H)

Mah Jongg Joker DecalsSet of 8 Joker Decals
$3.00/set ($.45 S&H)

Replacement Rubber Tips for Racks:Replacement Rubber Tips for Racks: Get this package of 16 protective caps for the posts of your racks. Share with your friends. Everyone finds these missing from time to time. While not having the tips does not change the play of the game, it does look nice to have them.
$4.00 per pkg ($.50 S&H)

Cup Holder and Bottle Holder TableCup Holders: NEW LOWER PRICE! For game and card tables! Set of two. Each one screws securely onto the corner of standard size card tables. Easy to put on and take off. Supports drinks and snacks. No need to set up trays that use up valuable space in small rooms or apartments. This is an innovative way to keep your beverages off the table! There is also a space to hold pencil for scorekeeping in bridge, mah jongg tournaments and other games.
$16.00 per pair ($4.50 first pair, $2.00 each additional pair S&H) Click here to order this item

Hand Engraved Wind Indicator / BetterHand Engraved Wind Indicator / Better: Intricate wooden indicator is fun and exciting. Two pieces like a puzzle. These are exclusive to us and even has WTWB on the bottom. As soon as you have this in your hands you will see the value. Enhance your Mah Jongg set and buy one today. (Size: 2"x2").

$27.00 each (INCLUDES S&H)

Betting WheelBetting Wheel: This hard to find round style of betting disc / wind indicator is available in white with 5 betting positions: One for each player and even a "wall" game. 1.5" in diameter, easy to read numbers. Your choice of colors in Red, White or Blue.
$7.99 each (FREE SHIPPING!)


Counting SticksCounting Sticks: Authentic counting sticks will help you keep score in the traditional way. Your choice of Black or Ivory sets. Black plastic counting sticks (or bones) have 84 sticks total for American or Asian Version Scoring, While the ivory set has 120 sticks for Chinese and other versions of Mahjong. Good quality accessory to complete your set!
$5.50 set ($1.40 first set, $.75 each additional set)


120 Colored Counting Sticks 120 Colored Counting Sticks: 8 red, 36 yellow, 40 blue and 36 green. 2 3/4" sticks for keeping score while playing Japanese, Chinese and many other versions of Mahjong. Easy to remember points by color and not worry about the dots, if desired. Buy extra sets for your friends and save money.
$12.00 each (FREE SHIPPING!)

4 sets at $40.00 (FREE SHIPPING!)

National Mah Jongg League Cards 2014 Official National Mah Jongg League Cards:


Standard Sized 2014 Card - $7.00 each (FREE S&H)

Large Print 2014 Card - $8.00 each (FREE S&H!)


Plastic Card ProtectorsPlastic Card Protectors: Your NMJL card will slip into this and be protected from food and tearing over time. Can be reused each year. NON GLARE plastic, mat finish for easy use - both sides won't stick together as you put the card into this tri fold cover. The National Mah Jongg League Rules and Cards are getting expensive! You don't want to have to replace them before next year's cards come out, so protect your card NOW with these easy to use plastic card covers! Available in standard and large sizes. ***NMJL CARD NOT INCLUDED!! IT IS FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. Order your choice of sizes below:

Standard Size Card Protectors $3.75 each (FREE Shipping!)

Large Size Card Protectors - $4.00 each (FREE Shipping!)

Fun DiceDice, Dice and More Dice: Fun dice for Mah Jongg or other board games. TWO jumbo dice (1") with numerals on each side. Easier to decipher for vision impaired players, THREE hand carved wooden dice (5/8"), TWO jumbo 12 sided dice (one for you and one for a friend) OR THREE marbleized dice (1/2"). Jumbo dice and Marbleized are ASSORTED and no specific color is guaranteed. If you are purchasing a Mah Jong set at the same time, we will co-ordinate the dice to match the best that we can. Better yet : Go for the challenge: Get TWO dice with CHINESE NUMBERS 1-6!
$5.00 per set (FREE SHIPPING)


Jumbo DiceJumbo Heart or Shamrock Dice! Your choice of Jumbo shamrock dice will be one green and one white (as shown), or jumbo heart dice will be one red and one white. Fun for ALL Games, not just Mah Jongg.
$6.00 pair ($.75 S&H first pair, $.25 each S&H for each additional pair)

18" and 20" Wooden Mah Jongg Racks

18" or 20" Wooden Mah Jongg Racks: These Genuine Rosewood racks have a rich finish and will compliment any Mah Jongg tiles. Each set comes with a set of FOUR RACKS. Order your choice of sizes below:
18" Wooden Racks - $28.95 per set ($6.50 S&H)

20" Wooden Mah Jongg Racks: For larger tiles.
$32.00 per set ($8.50 S&H)

Silk Mah Jong Rack BagChoice of Rack or Tile Bag: Rich design with decorative cords. Color shown may not be the color you get - colors are assorted. If you have a strong preference, please email us before ordering. Rack bags are great for protecting helping hands (tile pushers) or your wooden racks. Tile bags are just great for travel or to toss into a tote or velour bag.
$12.00 each ($2.00 S&H)


SPECIAL! GET BOTH!! Rack AND Tile Bag. One of each size. Only $19.99 ($2.50 S&H)

Lacquered Asian Mah Jongg Racks Black or Red Lacquered Asian Racks: BLACK IS SOLD OUT - DUE LATE JUNE These 18" racks rate 10 out of 10 stars! Exposing ledge comes off to show various wells that hold counting sticks or coins, (not included) but will stay secure during play with strong magnets that are inset in the base and top. A full 18" of rack space gives you plenty of room for slightly oversized tiles. Perfect for American players, too. Decorative golden dragons gives the elegant look that makes these a perfect gift for any Mahjong Player. Priced right at only $28.50 for the set of four.
$28.50 set of four ($6.00 S&H)


Colored Mah Jong Tile PushersColored Tile Pushers: Set of four. Now available in jeweled colors. Mix and match to customize your set!
$25.00 set ($5.00 S&H)


Lucite Mah Jongg Rack SetLucite Rack Set: Now you have a choice of 9 colors! Your choice of: Black Opaque, Black Lucite, Green Lucite, Purple Lucite, Pink Lucite, Amber Lucite, Light Blue Lucite, Clear Lucite.
$15.00 each set ($5.00 S&H)


Lucite Mah Jongg RacksLucite Racks: NEW COLORS! Ruby Red Lucite or Dark Green Lucite Racks. 18" standard racks.
$15.00 set of four ($5.00 S&H)


$23.00 per set of four ($5.00 S&H)



18" racks with Scalloped Ends18" racks with Scalloped Ends: The great look of rosewood racks with stoppers at the end. No brass to detract from the elegance, but the scalloped design still prevents tiles from sliding past the end of the racks during play.
$34.00 each ($10.00 S&H)

Wood Racks with Brass PostsHigh Quality Genuine Rosewood Racks with Brass Posts: SPECIAL VALUE! 18" rosewood racks with brass posts for tile pushers or counting coins. Rich looking dark stain accents the natural grain in the wood.
Set of four racks only $25.00 ($6.50 S&H)

Wooden Slotted Mah Jongg RacksWooden Racks with Coin Slots: These Genuine Rosewood racks will organize your counting coins right in front of you. Approx 16" of rack space 4.5" front to back and 2" at the wall, four coin slots, felt bottoms to protect table top. Choice of light or dark. Set of four racks. Four racks only. Coins and/or sticks not included.
$36.00 each ($8.50 S&H)


Mah Jongg Tile Pusher CombinationMah Jongg RACK & PUSHER Combination: 18.5 " inch racks with integrated pushers attached! 17" of rack space for tiles - a bit more than standard racks that have the brass posts. Great for standard tiles and slightly oversized tiles. Available in Black, Frosted Black, Frosted Clear, Red, Dark Purple Lucite, Light Blue Lucite, Clear with Multi-Glitter, and Jeweled Lucite (One each: green, pink, yellow & blue) or Ruby Red. New and innovative. Frosted Black Combo (translucent -no picture available at this time)
$32.95 per set of four ($8.00 S&H)


Glitter Mah Jongg RacksGlitter Racks: Set of 4 Lucite racks in your choice of Silver or Gold glitter. 18" standard Mahjong racks with a contemporary twist. Spruce up an old Mahjong set or give a fun gift to a friend.
$15.00 set of 4 ($5.00 S&H)

Extending Arms Lucite Tile Pushers Lucite Tile Pushers: Also known as Helping hands or Extending Arms. These attach to the racks and swing out to help push out the wall. No more exposed tiles falling off your racks or your hand accidentally seen by other players. These will not fit on older vintage racks.
$23.00 each set ($5.00 S&H) Racks not included.

18" Asian Tile Pushers18" Asian Tile Pushers: 18" to help push out tiles for built walls. Also can be used as a slider (pusher) to help extend the wall with older racks if the traditional helping arms do not fit! Set of 4 clear racks. We still recommend the traditional helping hands over these for ease, but these are the next best thing that we have found. These do NOT hook onto the racks.
$9.99 per set ($4.50 S&H)

Jewl Toned Crystal Mah Jongg RacksJewel Tone Crystal Racks: Set of four 18" racks. One each of green, blue, yellow and pink.
$17.00 per set ($5.00 S&H)

Game MatRubber Game Mat: Great for Mah Jongg and Dominoes. Nicely weighted game mat will lay flat and non creasing. This mat has a soft rubber back to absorb sound. Smooth surface won't "catch" tiles or flip them over. Protect furniture and table tops - Best of all: It will protect your tiles, too! Your choice of Black or Tan in size 36" x 36". Serious Mah Jongg players overseas choose this mat. SOLD OUT OF TAN MATS. DUE LATE SUMMER
$28.00 each ($8.50 first mat and $3.75 each additional)


Quilted Fitted Table CoversQuilted Fitted Table Covers: Most sought after quilted table cover for Mah Jongg and Bridge and other family card games. Adjustable snaps on this square cover. Size 34-38"
$22.50 each ($6.85 S&H for one and $2.50 for each additional)

Personalize your Quilted Fitted Table Cover: Just $10 extra! Complete the form below with your specifications. If you chose "other" for any option, please contact us with your preference.


Mah Jong Custom Designed Table CoversMah Jongg Custom Designed Table Covers: Custom Designed Table Covers in Navy or Green and your choice of 2 Tile designs.
$49.00 each ($5.50 S&H)

All Purpose Game TableAll Purpose Game Table: This multi-function game table has solid wood frame. Good for Dominoes, Mah Jongg, Bridge, Family card and board games & More! Size: 35 x 35 x 27-3/4" (Allow two weeks for delivery.)
$89.00 each ($35.00 S&H)

Mah Jongg MatMah Jong Slick Mats: Tired of your tiles sticking on card tables due to humidity? This slick table cover is the best thing we have come upon! 34 x 34 size with thin foam layer on backside. Absorbs sound of tiles and protects the table. It can be used over any fitted table cover you currently use if you desire, but not necessary. Not fitted, but it does not move or slide because of the backing. The tiles glide in a way that you cannot imagine. Can easily be cut with scissors if you want it smaller.
$18.95 each with FREE SHIPPING!


Travel Mah Jongg SetTravel Mah Jongg Set: Tiles are STANDARD height and width, but only 1/4" thick. Some travel sets have short racks that are not easy to use or don't hold all tiles, but these are 16 "lucite racks and will hold all 14 tiles. The Total weight is only 2.5 pounds! These do not come in a case. Pop the tiles in a zip lock or drawstring bag, carry light weight racks in tote or suitcase.
$34.00 each ($8.50 S&H)

Travel Mah Jongg RacksTravel Racks: It is complicated to travel these days! Weight restriction for suitcases, extra charge for extra baggage and limited totes to carry on the plane. These racks are easier to carry, easier to tote and perfect for using standard size tiles while vacationing. This set of four racks, one of each color, are 16" and have NO BRASS ends. Sure pushers are nice, but you can do without them for the one week! These are about 1/2 pound less than a set of racks WITH the brass ends on. Put your tiles in our black canvas travel tote, add these light weight racks, and off you go! Great gift to a friend who is always on the run (but not without her mj set). Also good for kids and smaller game tables. If you don't use pushers anyway, look at he space you will save on those scaled down tables.
$12.00 set ($5.00 S&H)

Travel Mah Jongg RacksPlay American Mah Jongg!: Kit contains a complete set of 152 full-color, durable mah jongg card-stock tiles with which to play — making it ideal for both beginning and experienced players who need a convenient and portable way to play their favorite game when they are away from home.

The kit also comes with the top-selling book Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg by Elaine Sandberg a full-color instruction booklet that provides you with clear and simple instructions and diagrams showing a beginner how to play the game from start to end—including how to select a hand, how to play and how to win.
$17.00 kit ($5.00 S&H)

American Mah Jong in Collectible TinMah Jongg American Version in Collectible Tin: This is an American version of the popular Chinese tile game. It comes with 166 tiles, 4 color racks, 2 dice, playing chips and instruction book in a beautifully decorated tin box. These lightweight tiles are very thin and resemble Rummy Cube tiles. Great for beginners or advanced players!
$35.99 each ($5.50 S&H)

High Quality Asian Travel Mah Jongg SetHigh Quality Asian Travel MahJong:
$34.99 per set ($9.95 S&H)

American MJ Travel with CaseAmerican Version Mah Jongg Travel Case: This is an American version of the popular Chinese tile game. It comes with 166 standard tiles, 1 bag of chips, 3 dice, 1 bettor and instruction booklet in a vinyl attaché that's great for storing all the game pieces as well as for travel.
$32.00 each ($14.50 S&H)

Canvas Mahj Travel BagBlack Canvas Mahj Travel Bag WITH FREE ORIENTAL STYLED EMBROIDERY INCLUDED! Smart looking bag with Three zipper bags : 2 for your tiles and 1 for your card & money. Just scoop up your tiles and hit the road. Over the shoulder bag will hold four racks, your tiles, pushers and there is still room to spare. Back pocket (with velcro) will hold your cell phone or other personal items. This tote is so neat and organized that it would make a great diaper bag or beach bag, too! Keep this item in mind the next time you need a baby or graduation gift. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Embroidery choices are Yellow, White, Red, Powder Blue, Hot Pink, Silver Metallic, or Gold Metallic. Oriental.
To order this item, click here.

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